Vintage Bags, Floral Dresses and UK Tights

I am writing this whilst sat in my grandmas living room, with two Chihuahuas curled at my feet and a crystal dish filled with Cadbury's eclairs by my side. I have been in my hometown of Hull for about a week now and what a lovely week it's been! It's been packed with family, friends and a lot of rather excellent burgers.
I never know what to pack when I travel back, English weather is so unpredictable! The item that I always fall back on is tights, and I actually often find myself packing a pair in my bag incase of a sudden bout of cold and rain. Obviously I love how practical tights are, but I also love to add another dimension to an outfit through tights. I seem to have a lot of pairs of them, though most are laddered (on account of me being really rather destructive when it comes to hosiery and maybe because I usually stick to tights that cost me around £1.50 and rip within a matter of seconds) or so well worn that they look quite tatty. I do neglect that area a bit so, when UK Tights asked if I would like to try some of their products, I jumped at the chance! I have followed them on Instagram for quite a while now so I already knew of the store and the HUGE selection of hosiery they offer and I don't think I've ever anticipated a parcel as much as theirs. 
I went for the rather snazzy Electra Tights* by Cecilia de Rafael as one of my choices. I love straight seamed tights so much, but with some outfits I do find them to be too plain. I feel like the zig-zag seam gives a 1940s feel with a modern twist, and the gold lurex gives just the right amount of sparkle! I'm all about adding metallic touches to an outfit at the minute, so they go perfectly. The actual tights* themselves are of such good quality; I haven't yet put my big toe through them, nor have I snagged them on a door frame/an overly sharp nail/an over excitable dog that launched at me claws first, and this can only be a good thing. I feel like, although they match this outfit, they may actually look better with a plain black dress and some neat and simple jewellery so that the Electra seams would take centre stage, but I love the subtle yet fun touch they give when paired with this dress!
My dress is new, but it was a total steal, I promise. It's the Cold Shoulder Midi by Love and it's just so versatile. I already have it in black and I've wanted this patterned version for so long, only to find it after digging through the sale in my local Topshop, taking it to the checkout and finding out it was only £7. How could I not have bought it? I also feel like I wear an awful lot of black, so it was nice to wear something a tad brighter! The print sort of reminds me of old curtains and 70s tablecloths but in the best possible way and I must admit I feel very Granny-chic in it. About 3 people asked me if it was vintage the first time I wore it and in my eyes that can only be a good thing! I also found it takes me from day to night incredibly easily, pairing it with a big fluffy cardigan in the day and a sparkly jacket on the night.
On the topic of vintage and bargains, I feel I should mention how much I love my new bag. I bought it from Poorboy Boutique, one of my favourite vintage stores in Hull. They have the most amazing sales and I always find so much to try on when I'm in there! My bag only cost me £5 and is such lovely quality, and while I was in the store I couldn't help but whip my camera out to take a few photographs. The staff are always so lovely and friendly and didn't seem to mind me pottering around snapping pictures every now and again. I also spotted the most wonderful blue midi dress with a full skirt whilst I was in there which I also decided to treat myself to and I cant wait to wear it when I'm in hotter climates.

After my little shopping spree, my sister Ellie and I met our oldest and best friends for a feast of burgers at The Purple Pig in Hull's old town. It was a perfect end to a lovely day. Being away really makes you appreciate the people you have in your life, and it is so easy to slip into some people's company again. I find that with some people conversation can be a little awkward at first, but when I'm with this group I can just completely relax and jump straight back in, gossiping over a plate of pretty amazing food and an Oreo milkshake.

I'm actually finishing writing this post in gate D59 of Amsterdam airport, waiting to board my flight back to Denmark. I had a big writers block whilst in England and I blame the fact that I was so busy all the time! I feel tired, but very, very content now and I'm ready to get snuggled back into my own bed and give Ziggy loads of cuddles. I've missed her while I was away! I hope that everyone has had a week as wonderful as mine was and I also just want to thank all my family and friends for giving me such an amazing trip home.
Thanks again to UK Tights for sending me some of their lovely products, I can't wait to show you what else I received and style them up. Very exciting!

Bethany x

Words: Bethany Grace 
Photography: Ellie Officer and Bethany Grace