Christmas Markets and Castles

At the minute time is flying past me, and the few weeks have been a fairly stressful blur! All of a sudden my schedule seemed to be filled with assignments and presentations that I had to prepare for so I haven't had that much time just to chill out. I had the most lovely extended weekend last week though after a few days of art exhibitions and some classes taught by other students. I had free time from Thursday through to Sunday, so I spent Thursday and Saturday catching up on work and sleep and Friday searching for a job and window shopping after breakfast with my mum in the cosiest little coffee/book shop. I also ended up going to see the Christmas light switch on and parade in the city with friends which was so lovely, if a little drizzly, so we spent most of the night wandering round and looking at the decorations and sharing cinnamon Churros. I feel like when the lights are turned on that its officially the run up to Christmas time, and although I know its still quite early in the year to be feeling festive I'm not going to let it stop me listening to Wham! and getting my Christmas shopping done and my holiday outfits planned. In the past few years Christmas for me has become less of a getting presents and eating loads kind of event and more of a time to see my family in England and spend quality time with them. I think this has to do with getting older as well as living away from home , but it's the reason I love Christmas so much, knowing that I can just hang out with my family at my favourite time of the year.

 Coat: H&M, Dress: Urban Outfitters, Boots: H&M

On Sunday we visited Rosenholm Slot, Denmark's oldest family owned castle, built in 1559. We had heard about their Christmas Market and being lovers of all things festive decided to check it out. It was my first Christmas Market of the year and was as lovely as expected. It was so relaxing to have a mooch around the stalls and listen to Christmas carols before exploring the ground of the castle itself. We also got chatting to the nicest man who explained the history of the Rosenholm to us before heading off to get Hot Chocolate and Æbleskiver (circular danish 'pancakes' with jam and sugar). It's so lovely to do festive things again! The inside of the castle was absolutely beautiful, with gorgeous views of the moat outside which is full of carp and other fish.

Tonight I'm planning to pack for my weekend back home in Hull. I leave on Thursday night and have a weekend full of plans from the second the plane lands, so I can't wait for that. I seem to have visited England much more than usual this year and, as much as I love Denmark, I'm always really excited to go back. I also have the challenge of taking only hand luggage with me, so the struggle of trying to fit about 700 outfit combinations in a backpack, plus my sketchbook and everything else, will be interesting! Wish me luck...
Bethany x

* This month has been crazily hectic for so many reasons and it's been stopping me from sitting down and just writing, styling or photographing posts. I am nowhere near my three post a month target, but I feel like that's okay, as I would rather post something that isn't rushed or typed out because I feel like I have to post. This post today was actually written on Tuesday the 17th, before my weekend trip back to Hull to see my wonderful family. It was amazing to have a couple of days just to hang out with my cousin and grandmas and everyone else as, normally when I visit home, it is so incredibly busy, so having a blank weekend was so special. I have a great weekend planned too. Yesterday was a family 'Pizza night', I spent yesterday baking cranberry and white chocolate cookies to take to an early Christmas night with friends (now known as 'Christmas in November'), which was an opportunity to dress festively and watch The Polar Express, and today I'm going to finally get around to starting a new art project and finishing up some of the other bits of work that I have hanging around before putting up our Christmas tree. I hope you enjoy this post anyway. My next post will be another collaboration with the lovely Vendula London and I cannot WAIT to show you the A/W clutch they have kindly sent to me! Have a fantastic week X