Uncommon goods

Outfit details: Jumper: H&M, Skirt: Boohoo, Bag: Vivienne Westwood, Necklace*: Julie Nolan via Uncommon Goods, Boots: Primark

Is it just me who thinks January has flown by this year? Normally, I feel like the first few months of the year drag on as you get back into the post-Christmas swing of things, but I've been keeping busy with work and what not. That said, January tends to be my least favourite month, so I am glad to be getting into February. I'm a little bit gutted at the minute because I was due to see Wolf Alice in Copenhagen on the 16th, but due to them being nominated for lots of NME Awards, the gig has been cancelled and postponed until July (fingers crossed I can still go!). Ellie and I have been wanting to see them play for a while now and never seem to be able to get there, but I guess this time it wasn't meant to be! I'm heading to Copenhagen anyway in the next few weeks for a Politics trip with college, so I'm looking forward to that instead. I'll be moving back to England next year for Uni and I really want to make the most of my time in Denmark now. Copenhagen is such a gorgeous and chilled out city (as is Aarhus, where I live) so I want to make sure I enjoy what’s around me while I can!

Recently, I was approached by Uncommon Goodsthe loveliest company specialising in unique, handcrafted and sustainable products by providing a platform for Artists and Designers. I was over the moon to have the opportunity to collaborate with them as they offer such an amazing range of products from homeware to accessories, so I was bound to find something I adored. Basically, if you need to find a gift for a loved one, everything you could ever want is on their site. As I predicted, I fell in love whilst browsing the jewellery range. As soon as I saw this beautiful Julie Nolan locket*. It's called the "Astrology locket" as the little circular openings are in the shape of astrological constellations (mine is Aries), so its also a really personal gift that would be the perfect valentines present (either for a significant other or just as a little treat for yourself!). Ive been really into horoscopes lately (I'm not so sure why but I just like knowing), so I was instantly drawn to the locket.   Uncommon Goods also run a programme called 'Better to Give'where they donate $1 of your purchase the non profit organisation of your choice. This was started 12 years ago and since then over $1000,000 have been donated; Just another incentive to shop there!

 (If you've ever tried to get a dog to look at a camera you'll know the amount of pointing at the camera involved)

Lately I've been struggling with my makeup quite a bit. Nothing seems to be going right, from a basic winged liner to pencilling in my brows. These past few weeks have proven to be very irritating makeup wise and I'm not sure why. I cant seem to find the right base for my skin at the minute, as I'm dealing with loads of breakouts and annoying dry patches dotted about, but this day, I picked up Estee Lauder double wear foundation after falling out with it for a bit, and found that it went onto my skin PERFECTLY. I have a slight love/hate relationship with it honestly as I feel like it can look really heavy in real life (and feel a bit mask like), but in photographs it looks amazing. I usually find that I really want it off my face after about 2 hours of wearing it just to let my skin breathe which is so annoying ! Hopefully I can find a base I love once my skin clears up. If you have any foundation recommendations tell me in the comments! It’s nice to be back blogging after the few weeks I haven't posted. I know I always say it, but I'm going to try to post more in the next few months! I should be back soon with a travel post and some outfit bits, but until then, have an amazing February and I hope the start of your 2016 has been wonderful. Bethany x *Photos: Ellie Officer

Victoria Dock

HAPPY (fairly late) NEW YEAR! I hope everyone had a wonderful Holidays and that 2016 is going well for you so far. As always, I'm feeling a quite bad about not keeping my blog updated as much as I should. Over Christmas, I had so many ideas and plans for posts, but I didn't seem to get the pictures I wanted. I was having such a lovely time with family and friends that I totally forgot about blogging. In the words of Edie from Ab-Fab, I was just ' Too busy doing it, Darling!'. I promise I will try harder next year xoxox 

That said, I (and in this case I mean my usual photographer, Ellie) managed to shoot one set of very quick photos over the holidays. I was going for a cosy coffee and cake meet at Thieving Harry's with my family and we arrived slightly early, so we decided to shoot on Queen Victoria's dock, a stones throw from the said cosy lunch location. Living away from home, I never normally get a to hang around here. I'm usually so busy running around in town or visiting people or taking trips outside of Hull, that I forget to appreciate Hull itself, so it was a really lovely opportunity to see somewhere a little different.

I have a massive obsession with all things leopard print, so as you can imagine I am in LOVE with my new top. I was admiring it in Topshop whilst in Amsterdam and, without me knowing, my Mum snuck off and bought it for me as a Christmas present. It is now nicknamed the Marlene top after we saw the EXACT SAME ONE being worn by a barmaid on an episode of Only Fools and Horses, but for some reason that just makes me love it more.

My love of Vivienne Westwood has also grown more than I ever thought was possible over the Holidays. I got the Frilly Snake Heart Bag for Christmas from my parents after years of admiring the model, and I still cannot believe I've finally got it! It might just be my favourite piece in my wardrobe. I also got the necklace I'm wearing from my parents and I absolutely adore it. It goes so perfectly with everything I wear! I'm lucky enough to have built quite the collection of V.W now, but I managed to visit their Leeds store just after Christmas and found myself in my own personal heaven yet again. They had a big sale on so I may have bought myself a couple of very lovely treats that I can't wait to show you soon! I also wore my big H&M coat, a Boohoo skater skirt and H&M boots.

Photography: Ellie Officer


Ive been wanting to visit Thieving Harry's for ages and I wasn't disappointed. I'm quite sad I didn't take my camera with me to get more/better pictures, as the interior is amazing, all mismatched vintage furniture and fairy lights. The cakes were also to die for!

I should be back with a post on my trip to Amsterdam soon and an exciting collaboration too. I hope you enjoyed this post and have a lovely week or so, 
Bethany x